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Australian Natural Health was developed by Ivory Coat Companion Goods with veterinarians and animal nutritionists to be the finest food for your companion’s balanced nutrition and every day feeding.

Using only the highest quality Australian-sourced ingredients, this high-protein and hypoallergenic grain free dry food promotes healthy digestion and is packed full of wholesome ingredients including a high concentration of quality animal protein for lean muscle maintenance.

We use carefully selected vegetables and superfoods like kale and blueberries to boost antioxidant intake, together with flaxseeds and salmon oil rich in omega-3 & 6 to maintain skin and coat health. A natural pre-biotic is added to maintain healthy digestion and essential vitamins and minerals to provide your companion with complete daily nutrition.

All of our nutritious recipes contain NO wheat, corn, rice, soy, meat by-product or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We challenge you to compare our top 5 ingredients to that of your current food.

Your companion will thank you for the delicious recipes and benefits to their long term natural health provided by Australian Natural Health.

Our mission

To provide the best most natural Australian products at a price that is affordable to all. To champion Australian made products that have a positive and lasting impact on Australian producers and farming communities.

Our vision

To champion Australian products to improve the health and wellbeing of animals

Our core values

Our products put the needs of the animal first. We create only Australian made products, which have the potential to have a positive impact on Australian industries and therefore communities. We lead and do not follow. We aim to disrupt markets for the benefit of consumers. We strive for best practice, the industry practice. Our clients big or small are all equal and treated to first class service.

Benefits of a grain free diet

There are a number of reasons why pet owners are making the switch to quality grain free foods, including these:

  • Many dogs have allergies to grains including corn and wheat which can cause digestive and/or skin issues.
  • Grain free foods are easier for a dog to digest.
  • Grain free foods closely mimic a natural diet the kind your pet would eat in the wild.
  • Pet owners feeding a grain-free diet usually notice firmer and more regular stools.
  • Grains, especially wheat, corn and rice are commonly used as ‘fillers’ in lower quality foods for bulk production rather than for nutrition.

Benefits of a high meat diet

The truth is simple, dogs are meat eaters and high-protein diets are biologically suitable for all breeds of dogs. By matching the natural diets and anatomy of dogs, higher protein (due to higher meat content), lower carbohydrate foods better promote their peak and conditioning.

Australian Made

Ivory Coat is Australian made, naturally grain free and full of all the goodness you’ve come to know and love. We always have, and always will be firmly committed to using Australian produce to craft our foods within our own facilities right here in Australia, by our highly skilled team of dog lovers. We are proud of what goes into make our great foods, which is why there is no hiding our ingredients; instead we highlight them on the pack! But don’t take our word for it, simply compare our ingredient panels to your current food. We know you and your companion will love them.

Feed your mate, help a farmer!

For every bag of dry dog or cat food you buy, Ivory Coat Companion Goods, together with Aussie Helpers, are donating stock feed to Aussie farming families doing it tough. We call it the Outback Giveback. No one wants to admit they’re doing it tough and farmers are some of the hardest working, proudest people in Australia. But sometimes they need our help. Aussie Helpers stays in touch with hundreds of farming families to improve their wellbeing and ensure their survival through the good times and the bad. This cause and our Outback Giveback initiative is close to the heart of Ivory Coat’s founder Steven Deveraux-Stanford and has always been a core foundation of our business.

Help us help farmers.

Your companion will love our foods, guaranteed. At Ivory Coat Companion Goods we not only know your companion will love our foods, we guarantee it. Should you or your companion, for whatever reason, not be completely satisfied with your purchase simply return the bag to your local Petbarn store for a full refund.


We all want the best for our companions. This is why Ivory Coat Companion Goods is not just another dog food. We craft natural grain free ultra-premium food that meets strict Australian standards, and is made in our own HACCP certified, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, to ensure consistent quality. Our team of professionals are dedicated to putting the animal first and ensure the highest possible quality and food safety on all our products.


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